Adhesives / Bagging Films / Cleaners / Corrosion Inhibitors / Curing Agents /
Deoxidizers / Epoxy / Resins / Fluids / Greases / Hardeners / Insulation Compounds /
Lubricants / Oils / Paints / Pressure Sensitive Tapes / Release Films / Sealants /
Sealant Tapes / Solvents / Tapes

Chemicals are just as complex in nature as metals; shelf-life, certifications, test reports, and shipping restrictions are some of the factors that affect the viabil
ity of the product. You can count on our experienced staff to handle all these details to meet your particular requirements.
sWe have the power to cross-reference military, government and OEM specifications, including Boeing, Airbus, Douglas, P&W and so on.
Our suppliers are certified in International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations.